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Breakers Testimonials

"Our daughter spent 4 years as a Breaker.  In that time she became a strong competitor with solid, exceptional skills making her well equipped for high school play and beyond.  More importantly however is the role her coaches played outside of the court.  Coaches Bryn, Lynn and all other staff provided a first class example of the type of athlete, and individual we all hope our children and even ourselves to be. Respect, integrity, heart… it's all mixed in with hard work and immense enjoyment.  Our daughter has graduated from the program attaining the confidence, skill and poise that she was surrounded with.  We absolutely loved our experience." - Cathy & Matt Sodl (9th grade daughter)

"We have been fortunate enough to be a part of The Breakers since it's inception -with that being said, we feel so fortunate to be part of an organization with such a high level of coaches-from both the youngest to oldest team.  Not only does the coaching staff develop the girls on the basketball court, they represent themselves as role models for the girls -which is more important than winning and losing.  The club truly cares about each girl and goes out of their way to accommodate each family to make it a positive experience for the girls." - Lara & Kevin Protiva (6th grade daughter)

"The South Bay Breakers organization is, and continues to be, a fantastic experience for my daughters.  It has helped them build confidence, leadership skills, a teamwork ethic, and sense of responsibility.  The coaches are truly outstanding and highly knowledgeable.  They have served as positive and encouraging role models and mentors, patiently teaching (and breaking down in detail) basketball skills, fundamentals, and competitive philosophies.  Basketball is a sport I have enjoyed my entire life, and these experiences have allowed me to share in this enjoyment with my daughters at a deeper level." - Ken & June Susilo (5th & 7th grade daughters)

"South Bay Breakers is a great basketball program.  They have excellent coaches who help develop great basketball skills as well as creating a fun and positive environment. My daughter Presley has been with this program the past 2 years and we feel that she has learned a great deal during that time. Her ball handling skills and shooting has improved so much. Even friends and family have also told us how much she’s improved since she’s been with the Breakers. We have also noticed that she is a lot more confident both on and off the court. I would highly recommend South Bay Breakers to anyone who wants to improve their overall skills." - Sandy & Eric Tanaka (5th grade daughter)

"Our daughter, Maya, has grown as a basketball player so much in just the two short years we’ve been a part of South Bay Breakers. The Breakers offer a fun, low-pressure environment for girls to learn how to play basketball, yet also to push themselves to work hard and be part of a team. The coaches are all so strong, work great together as a group, and have coached or played at some of the highest levels. Maya has responded well to their coaching style, the parents are all great, and the girls really support one another on and off the court. We couldn’t be happier." - Malcolm & Susan Williams (7th grade daughter)